A garage floor coating is one of the most affordable and attractive ways to enhance a plain gray garage slab. These heavy-duty epoxy-based systems give you durability as well as a wide array of design options.

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Epoxy garage floor coatings are the most popular option for the following reasons:

  • They upgrade the look of the floor at a reasonable price
  • They increase resiliency to stains and tire marks
  • They hide minor imperfections
  • There are many colors to choose from
  • They can be enhanced by decorative quartz or paint chips

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Other garage floor options

In addition to epoxy, these are the other options for your garage floor:

  • Concrete stain – adds semi-transparent color, giving depth and a customized look to your floors
  • Concrete sealer – provides a layer of protection to your concrete
  • Floor paint – a low-cost way to bring in color to your concrete surface
  • Polyurea – a fast-curing coating that is UV, scratch, and temperature resistant
  • Garage floor tiles – interlocking tile system that allows you to add color, pattern and protection
  • Rubber mats – garage covering that rolls out similar to carpet, is easy to install as a DIY project


An average 2-car garage is 18’ x 20’, or 360 sq. ft. with some being slightly larger in order to have the vehicles fit inside more comfortably. With a cost of $2 – $5 per sq. ft. on average, your garage floor will cost about $720 – $1,800.

As the size of the garage increases and the design becomes more intricate, the cost will rise. Find a garage floor contractor near you to get a quote for your project.

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