Epoxy coating and polished concrete floors in Altadena CA

Altadena, cA

Serving residential, commercial and industrial properties


Preparation done by full size diamond grinder

Moisture Barrier

We primer the floor with pigmented epoxy Vapor barrier

Crack Repair

Cracks being repair and joints filling and the surface will be grinded again

UV Stable

Top of the line polyurethane UV stable and scratch resistant topcoat

Industrial Grade

We bring the knowledge and the material gride from our industrial experience

4X Stronger

The most advance material strength in the industry that technology can make!

Looking For Quality Epoxy Floors Expert in Altadena?

Expert Surfacing, Altadena Offering Superior Decorative Concrete Coating and Epoxy Floor

Dreaming of the perfect home? Don’t forget to pay attention those little details that can have big consequences! For extra character and a unique look, consider leaving some surfaces in your interior untreated. However, be sure they’re properly protected so you don’t risk water damage. With careful consideration into all aspects of design, you’ll create an unforgettable living space!

Preparation is key - take time to plan ahead in order to make the most of your efforts. 

With our help we’ll transform any creative idea into physical reality that are safe and meet legal regulations while staying in budget! For long-lasting results, selecting just the right materials is important; from epoxy flooring vapor barriers packed with stunning color pigments or UV stable polyurethane scratch resistors to microtoppings providing countless design options – you’re guaranteed an all encompassing experience as our experts walk along side throughout each detail guaranteeing no stones remain unturned. Concrete surfaces may need regular upkeep however investing now will keep them beautiful over years ahead.

Choose Expert Surfacing For Your Next Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Polishing Project in Altadena CA

Transform ordinary flooring into a work of art with Expert Surfacing Their range of concrete coating and epoxy flooring services ensures that your space is as uniquely beautiful as it can be. Let the experts guide you from start to finish for an unforgettable results. 

If you need to update your Altadena home or commercial property with a new concrete coating, it’s essential that you find the perfect expert for the job. For optimum success pick someone who can provide:

Support choosing the right product. Give your Altadena garage floor the premier makeover it deserves! With an expert epoxy installer and combination of heavy grinding and vapor barrier coating, you can trust that even Long Beach’s moisture levels won’t stop this project from lasting. Get ready for a tailored solution to fit just what YOU need – no detail too small or large!

Upfront Cost Estimates. When choosing the right flooring company, you need to make sure they can give accurate estimates for both material and labor. Don’t take a chance with anything less than an exact figure.

Portfolio. To make sure you get the best possible epoxy flooring installation, look for a company that has been delivering impressive results in recent years. Check out what they’ve done before to gain confidence in their qualifications and expertise.

The Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Altadena CA

Brand new surfaces are done by the experts! Expert surfacing in Altadena, CA.                                                  Call Today at (323) 329-7068 for a free quote form the experts!



We are using only the best prodacts avelible in the market that our teams have been tried for many yeas prodacts that in case we need we have manufactures warrnty on there prodact.


We offering lifetime warranty on our polished concrete finish epoxy have a limited warranty Couse of the nurture of the product.


Our teams coming to your project with the best experience that time can give That's why all the main manufactures in the market got us certified.


We'll NEVER offer you the one day installation on the epoxy system cause those system will fail %100 in short period of time but we will do the process for you the way it should be without cutting corners!


Our estimate are %100 free! Our experts will come to your projects with hard samples, pictures from previous projects and a lot of knowledge. At the begging of the process we will make you a real sample on your floor the get the best understanding of what you will get in the end of the process.

Available Coating Systems:


-Flake can be customed sizes              -Epoxy base coat electro-static dissipative flooring system for highest abrasion possible.                                Urethane topcoat for chemical and UV resistance.                



-Epoxy base coat electro-static dissipative flooring system for highest abrasion possible.                                 -Urethane topcoat for chemical and UV resistance.                                      -One of the strongest floor systems available in the industry.                        -Protection from the primer up to the topcoat.                                                 -Consistent resistance 


-Flexible waterproof membrane            -Surface strength 10,000 PSI               -Breathable and chemical resistant 


-Seamless.                                            -100% solids epoxy base coats with     -Decorative quartz broadcasts,            -Urethane topcoat.                                -Excellent chemical resistance

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